Trash Removal Services in Philadelphia

Has your residence become a cluttered mess and left you without an idea of where to start? Clover is here to offer their junk hauling and trash removal services, to get you started on your next project. Our Clover team will clean up the property and remove all garbage with our trucks and dumpsters. Our team takes proper care in removing each item to ensure your property stays safe and in excellent condition.

Clover trash removal services also include large appliances and furniture such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, electronics, chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, bookcases, boxes, mattresses, beds, desks, and all other useless items taking up space. Free up that living or working space to live life stress and clutter-free. 

Please note that we do not handle hazardous waste materials.

Our Solutions

Junk Hauling

Clover offers junk hauling services for residential and commercial projects. Depending on the size of the trash removal job, Clover offers a dumpster or  a full scale truck to remove all items. The trash will then be taken to an appropriate garbage or recycling center.

Furniture Removal

When it is time to update the furniture in your home or you are cleaning out an estate, Clover Trash Removal has you covered. With proper precaution and preparation our crew will carefully remove the furniture from your home or commercial residence. Our team works with each client to meet their desires for a safe and efficient furniture removal. Here are some examples of furniture we can remove: 

  • Sofas
  • Mattresses
  • Chairs
  • Beds 
  • Desks
  • Cabinets 
  • Bookcases

Electronics Removal

The average appliance lasts about 10 years. When your devices are starting to deteriorate or are at the end of their life cycle, we will safely remove them and ensure they are disposed of properly. 

Here are just some of the appliances we can remove:

  • Cell Phones 
  • Landlines 
  • Desktop Computers 
  • Laptop Computers 
  • Excess chords 
  • Miscellaneous devices 
  • Televisions

Commercial Trash Removal

Is your job site a cluttered mess? We’ve got you covered. The Clover team will handle all of your commercial trash removal needs in a timely manner. We work with the client to ensure their junk hauling needs are met, and that their job site is clean and ready for the next step in the remodel or building process. 

Appliance Removal

When you no longer have a need for old appliances, our Clover team will haul them out for you and ensure they are disposed of in a proper manner. Whether it be large or small, commercial or residential, Clover Demolition and Trash Removal is here to cover all of your old appliance removal needs. Call us now to de clutter your residence and get started on your next project. 


Clover Demolition and Trash Removal can remove almost any appliance, large or small, so long as it is not a hazardous substance. Some examples of appliances we can remove would be: 

  •  Furniture
  • Old electronic devices 
  • Commercial and Residential waste
  • Home appliances (kitchen, bathroom, family room, etc.)  

Our hours vary depending on our client and their needs. We aim to complete each project in an efficient manner and will work with our clients to ensure their trash is removed as quickly as possible.