How to Clean Out an Office in Six Steps

When people think of office spaces, they usually think of cleanliness but sometimes it’s easy to let the mess get out of control. We want to help you keep your office as clean as possible no matter what’s going on in your life. So in this blog, we’ll be talking about how to clean out an office to stay productive.

Get ahead of the curve and clean whenever you can

It’s very easy for things to get out of hand when you are not paying attention to your surroundings but by doing a small clean every day, you’ll be saving out on plenty of time that would otherwise be spent cleaning a huge mess. It does not take very long and it will make your life less stressful. Trust us. Sites like Google Calendar or Microsoft Onenote are perfect ways to keep you on top of these things

Always keep a trash can near your desk

This one seems like an obvious one but it will do wonders in your life to have it near you rather than having to go to one on the other side of the office. We’re doing our best here to try and help you so the easiest thing is to get on top of things before they start to build up. 

Organize items that are useful to you

The worst part about having a messy office space is when you actually need something for work but you’re not able to find it due to a messy room. Make sure you’re always organized no matter what to prevent this from happening. 

Set a day once a week to do a quick clean 

If you are generally on a busy schedule then you should find a day where you have an hour or two of downtime and do a little cleaning. It won’t take long but it also helps you stay ahead of the curve before things start piling up. Google calendar or phone remainders are the perfect tools to help you get used to the routine. 

Pay a coworker to help you 

If you’re really that lazy and don’t want to do the work yourself, you could ask a friend from the office to see if they could help you with the task. This should be your absolute last resort if it really becomes this much of a problem but if it works it works. 

Another way is contacting a cleaning service

It depends on the job you’re trying to accomplish for cleaning your office space. If you’re just looking for a quick clean then it would be best to hire someone who can do this for you but for larger cleans or for organizing that requires more movement of heavy objects, you should contact a trash removal service that will help remove any items that are difficult to carry such as couches or desks. This a relatively cheap service and we here at Clover can help you with exactly that, so if you need any further assistance feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote. 


We’ve given you a few suggestions that should help learn how to clean out an office space, but at the end of the day, this motivation comes from within. And cleanliness is next to friendliness. It takes about 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to form a lifestyle so whatever method works best for you is the method you should really capitalize on. We hope this blog helps!

If you need cleaning services in your office, request a free quote by calling us at 267-343-3873 or contacting us here for more information. We can handle any residential or commercial job, no matter how big or small!

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