How to Keep Your Yard Clean This Winter

With winter already upon us, it’s important that you treat your yard with the utmost care in order to shine when spring comes. It’s challenging keeping something clean when buried under heaps of snow but in this blog, we’ll talk about how to keep your yard clean during the winter and prepare you for the start of spring.

Always Clean When You Get the Opportunity

 It is going to be a challenge cleaning when snow is on the ground but when all the snow melts up, it’s crucial that you clean off any leftover debris such as leaves before any snowfall comes again. This process doesn’t take very long but it will save you a lot of trouble come spring. By getting this done in increments, you’ll be ready when springs comes around.

Don’t go Heavy with Rock Salt

This is the one that will be a major killer if you use too much of it. If you want to avoid a destroyed yard, then stay away from rock salt or at least use it moderately in your driveway away from your yard. Especially make sure that it can’t be washed into your yard after a rainstorm. Rock salt can kill grass and set your yard back when spring rolls around. Use it when necessary (icy driveway or icy steps). 

Remove Any Lingering Weeds!

 This may not seem worth it during the spring but it’s crucial by knocking out this task out before the weeds have any chance to spread in the spring. By doing this, you’re getting a head start and getting rid of a problem before it even occurs. We recommend using a broadleaf herbicide or just removing any visible weeds by hand. 

Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall

 By fertilizing your lawn in the fall you’re helping your lawn strengthen itself before the winter, which means less dead grass when spring comes around. It’s a very tedious process but will prove useful when your grass is looking nice and green in the spring. 

 Mow Your Lawn! 

This one isn’t entirely necessary but when there isn’t snow on the ground a good mowing will keep your lawn looking attractive and maintained. This step makes the spring process easier since you will not need to worry about extra maintenance. 


It’s not easy maintaining your lawn during the winter but with the steps, your grass will be greener than ever. If you would like more tips on how to keep your lawn clean during the winter or other seasons, call us now at 267-343-3873.

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