How Long Does a Couch Last?

Everyday use of furniture will eventually take its toll on the upholstery and even the frame. It is hard to say exactly how long a couch will last because couches can be made with different materials and some get more daily use than others. 

How Long Does a Leather Sofa Last?

A leather couch can last anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime. A low-quality leather couch will most likely start to show signs of aging around the 5-year mark, which may include cracked or faded leather and structural wear, causing cracking and squeaking noises. Genuine leather lasts much longer than faux leather which is made from plastics and will crack or peel over time. 

How Long Does a Fabric Sofa Last?

Fabric sofas are known to be much comfier and softer sofas but do not hold up as long. Fabric sofas last anywhere from 5 to 20 years if proper care is taken. Fabric sofas regular vacuuming and steaming to remove stains and odors. 

Signs it is Time For a New Couch

Some people like to get the most out of their furniture and will not get rid of it until the arms are practically falling off. Others like to redecorate their rooms every few years, therefore, needing all new furniture. No matter what type of furniture owner you are, there are a few telltale signs it’s time to get a new couch. 

Damaged Upholstery

The first obvious sign it is time for a new couch is when the upholstery is damaged beyond repair. Sometimes this can be prevented if small frays and rips are mended early before daily use ruins the fabric or leather even more. 

Stains can be tough to remove from fabric couches, so it is important to spot clean a stain as soon as it happens. Cleaning spills as soon as possible can also help prevent bad odors from building up, which goes into our next point.

Unbearable Odors

Fabric couches can accumulate a bad odor over time if not cleaned properly. The odor from pets, drinks, food, etc. gets trapped in fabric upholstery and padding that can leave your room smelling dirty even after cleaning. Vacuuming, steaming and, fabric cleaning products can be used to remove stains and odors from your furniture. Make sure to check the sofa’s tags to see the cleaning codes.

  • W – Water-based cleaner
  • S/W – Solvent and water-based cleaner
  • S – Solvent-based cleaner

These codes tell you what type of cleaning product is suitable for your couch.

Cushions no Longer Feel Like Cushions

If you sit on your couch and it is rock hard or you feel like you’re sinking into the couch, it might mean your cushions are worn out. Over time the filling in couch cushions breakdown and offer less padding. Some couch cushions have zippers to access the filling to add more if necessary but most higher-end leather couches do not have this option.

Cracking and Squeaking 

If your couch has structural damage, you might start to hear cracking and squeaking as you sit down. The wood or metal frame breaks down after years of use, especially if the couch is made with inexpensive materials like manufactured wood. Unless the piece of furniture is very valuable, it might not be worth having the frame fixed. 

Final Thoughts

Couches are a piece of furniture that will get lots of use in your home and will, over time breakdown and need to be replaced. If your furniture has obvious signs of wear and tear, or you are redecorating your room, Clover Junk Removal can haul out any furniture from your home or commercial residence. Contact Clover today for a free quote to remove your old furniture. 

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