Demolition Contractor in Philadelphia

Clover provides fast and cost-effective demolition services for commercial and residential properties to prepare for your next project. Our team will take care of the dirty work from bathroom and kitchen demos to removing office appliances and furniture.

Our team takes the necessary preparatory steps coming into a job to prevent damage. While demoing, all trash and debris will be removed appropriately in dumpsters and taken after completing the job. 

We understand that time is money for our clients, so we will promptly complete our work without cutting corners.

Our Solutions

Kitchen Demolition

A kitchen makeover calls for a full demolition and removal of existing cabinets, countertops, flooring and even appliances. Clover offers full demolition services to safely remove existing kitchens without damaging the structure of the home. Our demolition services prepare homeowners for the next step in their kitchen project. 

What we can remove in a kitchen demolition: 

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Flooring
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Non-load bearing walls
We consult with each client to determine what is being removed or saved in any demolition project. For example if kitchen cabinets are being saved for the new kitchen, we will safely remove them and move them to a save location in the home to avoid damage.

Bathroom Demolition

Updating an existing bathroom requires lots of demolition to remove flooring, vanities, toilets and showers. Our team will strip out the bathroom, leaving a clean space for the next phase of the bathroom makeover.

What we can remove in a bathroom demolition: 

  • Vanities
  • Toilet
  • Showers/tubs
  • Appliances
  • Flooring
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Non-load bearing walls

Tile Removal

Tile is a flooring that causes for a messy removal when it is time to be replaced. Clover demolition has experience removing tile from both residential and commercial properties. 

Whether the flooring is installed via stick on, wet bed, cement board or any other method, we will safely and effectively remove any flooring. We take pride in efficiently removing all tile without damaging other components of the room. 

There are four main steps to the demolition process. 

  1. Start by surveying the property. This is a crucial step in the demolition process, as you want to be aware of the framework of a building or home before you start to gut it. Be sure to survey the land and look for any potential hazards. 
  2. Once this step is done you can begin to remove any hazardous materials from the site. You will want to rid the property of these potential problems before you begin any demolition. 
  3. Begin the demolition. Once all hazards are cleared and the building is surveyed, you can begin to tear down the structure, or room that you are working on. 
  4. The last step is the construction waste removal. After you have completed the demolition, you will want to clear out the area to be ready for a remodel, or to ensure there are no excess structures leftover from the tear down. 

The time it takes to fully remove a kitchen or bathroom depends on its size and what is being removed. On average a full kitchen or bathroom demolition can take roughly 6 – 8 hours. 

The time it takes to demo a room also depends on the flooring that is being removed. Tile that is installed on a wet bed or cement board will take some force to loosen up, so this process can take up to 4 hours in itself.